The Yarn




It takes a lot of people, and a few handy sheepdogs, to turn wool into yarn.

We shear our sheep once a year, at the end of summer; we settled on this time for a number of reasons. The most important is that our shearers are available then. We also noticed that this is about the time that the shedding breeds lose their wool, so we figured it made sense to follow their lead. Going into autumn with short wool also means the sheep don’t pick up as many seeds and we get a cleaner clip.

Once shorn, skirted, classed and baled the wool makes it’s way to Victoria for scouring. Then on to the family owned and operated Goldfields Mohair Farm mill in Bendigo to be processed into roving and yarn.

We’re proud to be supporting boutique businesses in rural Australia to produce this beautiful, soft fibre.