The Flock

Our flock consists of superfine merino sheep, which we have both bought and bred over the last 10 or so years.

They graze 5000 acres of native, perennial grasslands high in the hills of the NSW Central Tablelands – fine wool growing country.

There is a large variety of superfine wool merinos and we have experimented with quite a few kinds, but we have now settled on a plain bodied (no wrinkles), soft skinned type which have proven to be hardier, more maternal ewes, but are still able to grow good quality wool of between 15 and 17 microns.

We don’t mulese or earmark our lambs but some of the sheep we have bought over the years have been mulesed and marked.

The well-being of the land and our animals are important to us and you can read more about our day to day farm life and philosophies in our farm diary.